Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Wouldn’t…
.....Doesn’t Mean They Shouldn’t

Earlier today a good friend and I were talking and she mentioned not liking some of the more recent fashions. More than just not liking them, she was putting them down pretty strongly – basically saying they were wrong.

Her complaint began with women wearing high heels with jeans. Also in the list was boobs busting out all over, wearing a shorter sweater over a shirt or other top that was longer creating a layered look with tails hanging out. More disgusting fashion looks on her list were bra straps that show because the design of shirt is different, and short tops with butt-exposing low slung pants. That last one includes guys and gals.

I smiled and listened, and my only comment was: “fashions change”. Her reply then was: “Well, I’d never be caught wearing anything like that!”

The truth is, most of the things she mentioned I wouldn’t wear out in public either. But, it really doesn’t bother me when someone else dresses the way they choose to dress.
It’s not up to me to judge what looks good and what doesn’t -- what’s right and what’s wrong.
One reason: No one has appointed me a member of the Fashion Police.
Another reason: I know from past experience, judging everyone and everything isn’t beneficial to our health – physical or emotional health.

Judging is a habit. So maybe judging fashion looks is not that important, but I’ll bet you that with some people, this is only one thing they find ‘wrong’. The longer their list of topics, the more they think the world is world is bad and evilness is ‘everywhere’.
The next proclamation is: “What’s this world coming to?”

So how does all this relate to being At Ease & In Control?
Hmmmm – next time you find yourself thinking or talking about something you find unpleasant or disagreeable, check to see how you’re feeling.
Then, when you’re talking about something pleasant, enjoyable or amusing or humorous, check how you feel.

There’s a definite difference.
One makes you feel bad, the other makes you feel good.
One makes you feel uncomfortable, the other makes you feel comfortable and at ease.
It’s that simple.

The fact is:
When we look for what’s right in the world -- we find it.
When we look for what’s wrong out there -- we find it that too.

© 2011 Rose VanSickle ~ All rights reserved

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Living With Anxiety
.... Managing Your Anxiety

May is Mental Health month, so right now there are an abundance of articles ‘out there’ about anxiety, depression and other conditions.

Every time I see a headline such as one of those above, I want to scream from the rooftops:
“You don’t have to ‘live with anxiety’, you don’t have to ‘manage your anxiety’.

You CAN eliminate the anxious feelings – all of them. You can be rid of those strong sensations that are robbing you of the life you want to live! You CAN be free to do all the things you want to do. You CAN stop being led by fearful thoughts which are ruining your life.”

I am so very grateful for Dr. Abraham Low and his Recovery Method. When I came into the program the stated objective was to: “regain and maintain my mental health”. Regain and Maintain. The ultimate intent was to ‘get well’, to function, and function well ‘out there in the world’.

The purpose was not just to manage symptoms, manage the anxiety – the purpose was to get well and stay well.

The goal was not to ‘deal’ with the symptoms, the goal was to do away with them -- eventually forever.

The aim was to be cured! Yes, cured. Cured!!
Eliminate strong, debilitating symptoms all together.
That’s not just my opinion. It’s a proven fact!

In his biography, My Dear Ones, it's reported that Low told his clients over and over again:
“You will get well in Recovery”. “You will get well in Recovery”.
He was sure of it, and I am too.
Over the years I’ve witnessed and heard of too, too many successes to think otherwise.

Yes, there are those who put in a minimum of effort and get scant results. They are still symptom-led, fear-led, instead of self-led.
The fact is: If you know the material, and don’t use it (daily), when you don’t practice, you will not make any measurable or significant progress. You will continue living with some degree of symptoms. You will go on Living in Anxiety.

The fitness tools in the program are designed to reduce the intensity and duration of symptoms. That means by practicing the methods, by actually using what you learn, symptoms won’t be as strong and won’t last as long. Progress may seem slow from the beginning – but if you practice the methods -- they work, and they work very well. Over time, with conscious, consistent, persistent practice, the symptoms will go away completely.
Yes, completely.

As the word implies, ‘recovery’ means recover: to mend, to heal, to recuperate, to restore, to re-establish, to return to health. The word ‘recovery’ does not mean living with a condition, or tolerating it.

The opposite of Living With Anxiety is being At Ease and In Control --- being able to feel at ease in any situation and being in control of your thoughts and your Life.

You really CAN change ‘Living With Anxiety’ to ‘Living Without Anxiety ’.

© 2011 Rose VanSickle ~ All rights reserved