Sunday, January 24, 2010


“The” computer has had a few viruses and other problems in the last two weeks. Somewhere during that time the idea came to me to start calling it – THE computer, instead of MY computer.

That one word change assisted me in putting it even farther out into OE – Outer Environment. Waaaayyyy out there in OE.
A form of non-attachment? Detachment? Separation? I think so.
For me it was. It loosened my tie to the difficulty.

Try it, and take note of how your feelings change.
Instead of: MY car has a problem, THE car has a problem.
Instead of: MY water heater has a problem, THE water heater has a problem.
Instead of: The heating element in MY clothes dryer isn’t working, The heating element in THE clothes dryer isn’t working.

It makes a difference. A little thing? Yes.

But another tool to keep At Ease & In Control.

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