Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mine is mine, and Yours is Yours

Our responses to ‘things’ are our own. Our very own.
Your responses are yours. My responses are mine.

Sorry, we can’t ‘give’ the blame away to anyone else.
We can’t ‘give’ the responsibility to anyone else.

It’s not: THAT gave me symptoms.
It’s: I worked it up, and gave myself symptoms.
It’s not: THAT something outside of me gave me symptoms.
It’s: I worked it up, all by myself, with my very own thoughts -- my very own angry or fearful thoughts

It’s not: ‘She’ got me upset.
It’s: ‘I’ got upset over something she said or did (or didn’t say, or didn’t do).
It’s not: ‘That traffic’ got me upset.
It’s: ‘I’ got myself upset when traffic was moving too slow.

Some people get initial/first responses to things or events that wouldn’t even phase someone else. It’s an internal thing. Each one of us owns our own.

It’s important, no–it’s really more than important--it’s ESSENTIAL to remember: Each of us is solely responsible for our own working-up-processes.

You can’t work me up.

You are not responsible for my response, and you are not responsible for my thoughts that come after my first response.
I can’t work you up.
I am not responsible for your response and I am not responsible for your thoughts that come after your initial response.

We OWN our own thoughts.

Reading something cannot work me up. My thoughts about what I’m reading are what work me up.
Having a nightmare cannot work you up – only your thoughts about the event (nightmare) work you up. The thought you have are after-the-fact, after the nightmare. These are the insecure thoughts that cause tension, upset & symptoms.
Think about it: the nightmare is over. It already happened. It is no longer happening. The nightmare event is finished. Now, it is only the repeated fearful thoughts about it that keep the scary, unsettling feelings alive.

Lingering fear temper, brings on lingering symptoms.

The longer we hold on to the bad, harmful, detrimental thoughts, the longer we’re going to feel upset and lousy, out of sorts, and maybe even miserable.

The opposite is true as well.
The sooner we practice changing/replacing those thoughts about ANY particular event, the sooner the ‘bad’ feeling(s) will lessen, then disappear.

I own my thoughts. You own yours.
I must be accountable to myself for mine.
You must be accountable to yourself for yours.

No one else thinks for me. No one else thinks for you.
That’s the way it works! NO exceptions.

© 2011 Rose VanSickle ~ All rights reserved