Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Resource for Our Children

Anyone who knows me, or who has read Peace of Body, Peace of Mind knows how much I promote, teach and preach ‘STOP and think about what you’re thinking’. Why? Because identifying and changing negative, insecure, harmful thoughts, and those that are simply ‘not true’ is an absolute MUST for feeling better.

Who doesn’t want to live a calmer, happier, less-stressed, BETTER life??

I was thirty-something when I learned the importance of my thoughts -- how I could change them and change my mood... How by changing my thoughts I could literally change how I felt physically and emotionally. I could change how I felt about me, about life, about everything.

Me: “Why didn’t somebody teach me this stuff when I was eight? I could have avoided a lot of heartache, a lot of internal suffering and confusion, and a lot of the stress-induced symptoms which plagued my body.
I had no clue you could consciously and deliberately change thoughts as simply as you change a pair of socks. So many years could have been sooooo much easier for me.”

This knowledge is NOT just important, it’s CRUCIAL. It’s FUNDAMENTAL. It’s ESSENTIAL to anyone who lives and breathes!! And the sooner everyone knows it – the better. The better for themselves, those they live with, and all those they interact with.

Well, I found something to teach the young ones to ‘change their thoughts’ and change how they’re feeling -- A wonderful book by Byron Katie, illustrated by Hans Wilhelm, entitled:
Tiger, Tiger is it True?
Subtitle: Four Questions to make you smile again.

This excellent story book will teach not only children, but the adults who are reading to them. Hmmmmm. Think about it. If Dad or Mom, Grandma or Grandpa or big sister or brother does the reading – they too get the powerful message. That certainly would cut down on the number of meltdowns, tears, tantrums, arguments and dramatics.
WOW - less frustration for everyone!!
Imagine that – harmony, cooperation, more peace in everyday life.

My very favorite lines from the book:
“So it’s not my parents or my friends who bug me.
It’s just my thinking about them that makes me mad.
WOW! That’s cool. That’s really cool.”

I strongly urge you to look into getting this ‘treasure’ for every family with younger children. The recommendation is ages 4-10. In my opinion, even the ones younger than 4 would benefit.

Think about it... You can contribute to more people
on the planet being At Ease & In Control!!

Link for more info:  http://www.hayhouse.com/details.php?id=4473

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