Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It’s NOT the Outside Things

We’ve learned that it’s not people, places, things, events, cars, tasks, our To-do lists, the government, our relatives, holidays, our bosses, our insurance company, the bank, or the weather that ‘give’ us our symptoms.
It is always our own personal reaction to ALL those things outside of ourselves. And our reaction depends completely on our thoughts, specifically what kind of thoughts we’re thinking.

It’s not Valentine’s Day (or any other day), that can give us unrest, or produce disappointment, or create anxious feelings – it is only and always our own thoughts that work us up.

Symptoms don’t come from certain days, symptoms come from fearful or angry thoughts.

Tasks we need to do or don't want to do don’t produce internal symptoms. Internal thoughts are what precipitate the unhappy feelings and unwanted sensations.

Outside events don’t generate internal symptoms. Internal thoughts are what bring on the unpleasant feelings and awful sensations.

The weather doesn’t set off internal symptoms. Internal thoughts are what lead to feeling cranky, crabby or depressed.

The proof? Two people experience precisely the same event - one person is adversely affected, the other person is not.

When we don’t like the response we’re having, how it’s making us feel, the solution is to change our thoughts.

Our angry and/or fear-filled thoughts produce our turmoil and commotion. Our different – more secure, more realistic thoughts - produce calmness, peace, harmony and even joy.

No matter what’s going on ‘out there’ it’s what’s going on internally, the thoughts we’re thinking, that make the difference in whether we feel good or bad.

© 2012 Rose VanSickle ~ All rights reserved