Monday, February 13, 2012

Messing With Your Meds

Don’t do it!
Don’t do it on your own!!
Don’t experiment on your own.

Whether it’s increasing or decreasing the dosage in any way –
don’t do it without consulting with your physician/doctor.
This is true for any medication, especially for psychiatric medications.

#1 – It could be dangerous. Very dangerous.
#2 - It could cause more symptoms, stronger or different symptoms.
#3 - Realistically you could end up feeling worse, instead of better.
#4 - You are not an expert when it comes to drugs.
#5 – It’s like playing games with your health.

If you want to cut back, stop a certain pill completely, or take a higher dose – talk to your prescribing doctor.
If you notice strong or unwanted side-effects
- talk to your doctor.

Always, Always, ALWAYS consult your professional.
Maintaining your Health - physical or emotional is a business, not a game!

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