Monday, August 20, 2012

Just Because It's There

Doesn't Mean we HAVE to
.....Read it
.......Watch it
............Listen to it

Recently I read an article entitled "American anxiety: Why we're such a nervous nation".

Why ARE we a nervous nation? One huge reason is because most people are obsessed with 'knowing' everything the media presents to us.

Does reading or listening to all the grisly details of a multitude of murders really pleasant?
NO-it's making you more stressed.

Is watching videos of gruesome accidents and crime scenes complete with dead bodies covered with tarps a peaceful scene? NO-it's one more thing that's making you more stressed.

Does watching clip after clip of interviews associated with mass murder attacks make you more relaxed?
NO-it's another thing that's making you more stressed.

Does watching America's Most Wanted week after week, month after month, year after year make you feel safe, sound and secure?
NO-it makes you afraid, fearful, distrustful and anxious.

Is it heartwarming to watch the devastation, damage and destruction from tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, wild-fires, tsunamis and floods?

The truth is: A steady diet of terrible events does affect us. It creates nervous tension and mental strain.

I'm not bashing the news or the people who produce it. Journalists have their jobs: To report the news. And they have the choice of what they think constitutes the news.

We also have our jobs.
We have the choice of what information we consume. Choice.
It's called being selective. It's called being smart!

There's a condition which causes this 'Need To Know'. It's called: Afraid of NOT Being Informed. Along with that goes: "What will people think about me if I don't know?"

If a colleague, friend or co-worker brings up a news item you haven't seen, or chose not to delve into – what's wrong with simply saying: "I saw the headline, and didn't read about it"?

What's more important: their opinion of you, or your overall sense of well-being?

Personally, I'd rather be less informed and less stressed than over-informed, tense, weary and negative -- thinking my life, our country and the entire world are filled with gloom, doom, tragedy, disaster and chaos!

Would you rather be known for being totally knowledgeable and well-versed? Or being At Ease & In Control? The choice is yours.

Maybe there is something to that old saying: Ignorance is bliss.

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