Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Comments on Comments

The online news headline: House Passes Healthcare Bill
Below it: What do you think?

Please DO note – MY comments below are made without the least bit of temper. They are simply realistic, rational, sensible, level-headed, reasonable, factual.
My response to “what do you think?”:
“Does it really matter what I think – what my opinion is?
It’s already a bill. Signed. Stamped. Delivered. Passed.
It is, and I can’t change it.”

How boring Rose! Yup – I agree. Boring, and healthy.

~ ~ ~ ~
Asking for comments is asking for opinions. And in my opinion, asking for opinions is something that very often generates anger, temper and even fear. Pure and Simple!

Does it really allow people to simply “blow off steam” and get rid of their anger/judgments? Does it put them at ease about the topic?
Or, is it a working up process that adds anger on top of anger? Another thing, “out there” to be afraid of or angry at.

In the case of online comments that have to do with a controversial subject, I’d say: “to type it up is to work it up”.

The words on the screen were first thoughts in someone’s mind. Yup – it’s all about the quality of our thoughts. We think ‘em before we speak ‘em. We think ‘em before (and as) we’re typing/writing them.

Don’t get me wrong – free speech is good. In fact it’s precious.
I just wonder how many people know that when they spew out their angry views and opinions, they’re hurting themselves?
But heck – that whole thing of expressing what “I think” is a whole lot more exciting and stimulating than sitting back and simply enjoying life day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. At least that’s what a whole lot of people think.

Until you try it, it’s a strange notion to be peaceful and excited at the same – about something good, or joyful, or just plain nice.
But I guarantee – it IS possible.

Lots and lots of positives are possible when a good portion of the fear and anger thoughts are no longer constantly in the picture.

Agitated? Or pleasantly energized?
Emotionally upset? Or, emotionally happy & peace-filled?

Thank You – I’ll choose the second!

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