Saturday, November 14, 2009

One Wise Man
One VERY wise man

Within the last month there was a news report…
The parents of a television personality in the Chicago area were murdered. On the way to his parents' home after he was told of the murders, he asked himself, "Why me?" After driving several more miles, he said to himself: “Why not? I'm not special. It happens to 500 people a year in Chicago."
He changed his thoughts.

“Why not?” This so much reminds me of Dr. Low explanation that mental disorders/conditions are “fate appointed”. They happen! As soon as I read and accepted that explanation, I stopped digging and digging into my past to find out “why”. I also let go of the notion that it was so very extraordinary to have “nervous” problems. It helped me re-directed the energy I was putting into “poor me” and use that energy to help myself instead.

Another point from the news report: It was only a day or two later that this same television personality, announced that he had already “forgiven” those responsible for the event. And this was before any suspects had been apprehended.

In my eyes – what he did was “excused rather than accuse”. He did it to preserve his sanity. He did it for his mental health. Those may not be his thoughts, reasons or motivation at all, yet somehow he knew that it was THE best thing for him to do.

How wise of him to
#1 – Forgive/excuse quickly.
#2 – Do it before he ever saw the perpetrator(s). Because when he does eventually face who was responsible (either in photos or in person) – he can go back to his thought, his firm decision: “I’ve already forgiven.”
#3 – State his forgiveness publicly. Doing that kind of act so openly would very likely keep most anyone from later on retracting or withdrawing it.

One wise man. One very wise man. I applaud him.
Lots of knowledge to be gained from his decisions (which were in fact thoughts, before they were spoken) and his actions (carried out through his muscles).

We may never, ever be in that very same situation.
But we can learn from his story.

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