Monday, November 23, 2009

I am Blessed!!

This morning as I was driving, about a mile from home I heard a chime sound in the car. Looked at the dashboard and saw the oil light flicker on and off. About a mile later it did the same thing.

My favorite gas station/repair place is just another mile or so down, and I decided to stop there. The owner checked the oil, said it was about a quart low, and since it was about time for an oil change I agreed to have it done.

After waiting 15 minutes or so, a different mechanic came to me in the waiting area and told me the brake pads needed to be replaced – soon, as in within the next 50 miles, or else the brakes would be scratching on the rotors. The cost: $169.00. I had a tiny– ouch, that’s going to cost some money response, and said “Go ahead and replace them”.

So where’s the Blessing? First the oil light went on to ‘warn’ me of that condition. Then, the mechanic was wise enough to check the brakes when the car was up in the air and notice they were very worn.

There are only two ways to look at (think about) events: positively & securely, or negatively & insecurely. There is always that choice.

We are the ones who get to label what happens in our lives.

Lots of people may disagree with me – and that’s totally OK.
Years ago I would not have considered a series of events like this a blessing either. It may have been a triviality, but a Blessing??? Nope. I couldn’t see it that way (I didn’t think of it that way). Way too much off-and-on fear and anger were blocking any insight.

I found that’s what racing, insecure thoughts do – build distrust, and increase discomfort. And the opposite is also true: indulge in secure thoughts only – refuse to argue (think) otherwise and you will attain trust – and peace (relief).
It’s quite uncomfortable distrusting anyone and everyone – thinking everyone or most everyone is out to ‘get you’ in some way. Being suspicious is being fearful. Being fearful comes from thinking fearful thoughts. That’s all.

Yes, Lots of Blessings in my life today – and I’d have to say the most significant one is that I remained At Ease and In Control.

© 2009 Rose VanSickle ~ All rights reserved